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“I Didn’t Earn From Music”- Veteran Singer Mad Tiger Explains Why He Charges Highly For Interviews

In Uganda, having great hit songs by your name and reaping big from them financially are two different things because of many reasons, one of them being lack a serious copyright law among others.

Veteran Dancehall singer Mad Tiger is one artiste who is famously known for his early 2000’s hit songs ‘Obulamu Bwensi’ and ‘Beere’ but according to his recent interview, he shocked fans and viewers when disclosed that apart from becoming famous, he didn’t really earn much from his music.

In the interview with ME Media (an online TV), Mad who accepted reality said it with no fear that people shouldn’t sit back there, hear of the name Mad Tiger and think of him as a rich veteran musician. He is instead struggling which is one of the reasons he charges highly for TV and radio interviews. He must know you personally to give you a free interview.

“Apart from becoming famous in the Ugandan Music industry, the truth is I didn’t get money out of the music. People shouldn’t think that Mad Tiger is rich. It’s true I have where I stay but I have never been rich”– He said

On to why he he charges a lot of money for interviews, Tiger who said nowadays doesn’t need the exposure and platform but rather money had this to say.

“I have denied many TV and radio stations acces to me because they don’t have money. I don’t need to be made by any radio station, all I need is money. So if I tell you that no money no interview, it works for me.”

He adds and stresses that the video interviews will be uploaded on video streaming websites like YouTube and then the TV/radio station will earn from the views yet him the interviewee is out there struggling.

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