‘I Do Not Have Any Plans To Have A Relationship’ – Nina Roz Talks Music, Love And Life

Just two years after changing her career, Nina Roz has self-grown fame as an artist and a model. Dropping out of school was the hardest decision she ever made and never knew she would make it this far.

It was one core force to struggle tirelessly as a woman, “believing in herself” that she will make it no matter the hardships she faced. We caught up with her on Valentine’s Day where we had a great conversation with and she narrated the story mostly about her life-purpose and relationship. Here are the excerpts;

Briefly tell us, who is Nina Roz?

Nina Roz is a musical artist, a model, and a fashion lover.

Nina Roz was born and raised up from Kibuli-Mutajanzi in Mengo. I was groomed by my stepfather, Hajji, Gita Salongo and my mum, Mbabazi Ruth who are both still alive and healthy. I am grateful for that and thank God for protection and having mercy upon us. And the fact that they are proud of me as a struggling woman who fights tirelessly to make ends meet makes me feel happy too. However, I am also the only daughter in my family, so to say being the first and the last born.

How far did you go with studies?

Well, I went to St.Steven Church of Uganda in my childhood, later, I joined Kakungulu Secondary School then I to Kibuli Secondary School before finally joining East African University in Kansanga. Unfortunately, I dropped out in my second year, and that was during the second semester. I was pursuing a Bachelor’s [degree] in Business Administration (BBA)

 When did you start music as a career and where did the inspiration come from?

Music has always been something I loved ever since my childhood. While at school, I was so passionate about music. Music is my daily environment. So, music is my life if you may say. Besides, it’s the only way I found myself connecting and communicating to and with people easily. I love music with all my heart.

Why did you decide to drop academics for music?

I did take up the music career option but it wasn’t a choice that I made personally. It was just the situation of life then that pushed me. At that point, I could not afford catering for my education finance demands.

I had no option yet I had to progress. So I reflected back to my passion and talent as the only easiest venture I would start with an appreciative heart. So I had to break off from schooling and go with the music. Literally, I believed in myself to make it, so I could not just sit there and wait for miracles of life transformation.

How was the music journey like in the beginning?

In the beginning, it was really challenging and that’s beautiful because life without hardships is a boring one, and you will never get beyond where you are if you are not tasted in life. Perhaps, you will never think better to struggle and resolve challenges. I have learned a lot and that has made me grow my intelligence with maturity sense and responsibility.

Dealing with people in all aspects of life as you struggle to keep progress is not a ‘finger snap.’ Life is not for hard nuts to crack but rather hard nutcrackers. You have to be very humble, disciplined and accept humiliation if you know the worth of what you want to achieve. It’s nothing about who you are, from and what you do, you just have to respect people in their capacities and capabilities. By end of the day, it pays back. People will serve and help you the way you want.

By the way, I remember even pushing for the promotion of my songs like ‘Oli Mekete on bodaboda, footing around town just to make sure my music is on the airwaves. Apparently, am with Boom-Back Records of manager Ronnie since 2017.

What purpose are you serving as a musician?

I feel great seeing young girls, ladies and women becoming successful and playing vital roles as important people for their society. I wouldn’t want seeing girls being wasted, used on streets and work places. Wasting and spending most of their precious time and lives in bars, clubs drinking till dawn as their way of life. Instead, I want to see them progressing and achieving their dreams. It’s not easy however its possible. They should never give up on life. If I gave up due to lack of enough tuition, where would I be now? Wasted! Which doesn’t make sense? It’s never too late, they can still make it.

So as a musician, am here to inspire young girls and women that we can make it and change the story of an ‘African Girl Child.’

How is your weekly work schedule like?

Most of the time I am listening to music and composing rhymes that’s when am free and If there is no plot for performing. Besides that, I do try my best tuning my voice and obviously I have to treat it to remain soft, so I mind a healthy diet. As a model, I have to practice, watch my weight and keep physically fit. Others, as you know like musicians, I am performing at events, recording and shooting videos.

How is your love life?

Apparently, am not in any affectionate relationship. I am just about my music venture. I want to push it to the limit. So right now, am not in any plans of having a relationship after all I am still a young and sexy beautiful chick. I will open up about my relationship when it’s the right time. So many things I have learnt growing, so I don’t want to have any mistakes. I will surely have a family and kids when the right time comes, but not now.

What will be your criteria for picking your future husband?

First things first, respect. If you have no respect for me as a woman and generally people, then you don’t deserve me. Then love is essential, with good and intentional love everything is never hard to handle. Love comes with everything; basically, I would say those two elements.

Would you deal with a broke guy?

Money comes and goes. Anyone can become rich or poor. Money is not a big deal. Naturally, like I said, I do respect people too. Love is Love; love is not money if you want the best in a relationship. Money does not buy love. I call that pretence and things will backfire when money is no more but love lasts.

What do you detest the most?

I would say backbiting. If you have an issue, come to me and tell me so we sort it out and bury the hatched rather than defaming my reputation. It shows no respect at all.


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