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“I Don’t Survive On Tax Payers Money”- Dax Vibez To Fan Who Dissed His ‘Rotten Car’

On Tuesday morning like around 5 AM, thieves stole Bobi Wine’s younger brother Dax Vibez’ car around Bahai Temple in Kisaasi, Kampala.

Dax who is also a singer, took to his official Facebook page to share the stolen car’s photos and specifications and asked anyone who comes across it to call him on a phone number he shared.

It seems like, luck was on his side as the car was later on in the day found by a one Kinobe.

In a phone call with Dax, Kinobe revealed that one of his guards had found the car abandoned near his building in Kungu, Wakiso district.

After finding his car, excited Dax posted photos of it in the place in was found abandoned in on Facebook.

Going by the comments on the post, his followers and well wishers were happy for him but a one Tuffer Deh Raffer didn’t have kind words about the car’s status

According to his own observation, the car looks ‘rotten’ and not fit to be driven by Dax who is a brother to a big and veteran artiste like Bobi Wine who also is a former presidential candidate in Uganda’s January 2021 general elections

“Hw does a young brother of the president HV a rotten car.banage tosonde sente” Commented  Tuffer Deh Ruffer

Dax clapped back at Tuffer and said “munage anti sili ku tax payers money” loosely translated as “My friend, I don’t survive on tax payers money”

There are other Facebook users who clapped back at Tufer like a one Daisy Jee  who said “Did u want bob wine to buy for him a car and then u say balidde sente za Nup nedda has to hustle plse”

“please have some respect for peoples hard works” Said Alvine Shalom.



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