I Don’t Use Beauty To Succeed In Music – Spice Diana

Musician Spice Diana real name Hajarah Namukwaya has comeout to defend her hustle in the music industry as she denies using her physical looks and beauty to push her music career. She was appearing on NBS TV After 5 program on NBS TV hosted by Douglas Lwanga and Mc Kats.

She was responding to a question that was put forward to her on whether she can be a responsible a woman with the beauty she possesses as it has become common for young ladies not to be. She was quoted saying that;

“I hustle hard to keep looking very beautiful as I am now. Ugandans should stop thinking that if you are cute you are not supposed to have responsibilities. I have a lot of responsibilities and I take care of a number of people” she revealed on air.

When asked about the number of people she takes care of and the responsibilities she talks about, Diana didn’t indulge more into that although she hinted on taking care of her siblings from a tender age.

The singer furthermore said that she has never received any award because of her beauty. She said that all she has achieved in life is because of her hard work, not beauty;

“Ladies  out there  see my Instagram photos and  think I don’t work but they should know that I have worked hard to be what I am today and I am not yet where I want to be” she added.

Despite what her critics think about her beauty and music career, Spice Diana has been on top of her music career for the last two years like never before. She has held different music concerts across the country successfully and is undoubtedly among the top female Musicians Uganda prides in currently.

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