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“I Have Debts”-King Michael Cries To NRM For Help After His Concert Flopped

No artiste loves seeing their concert flop because it might have a lasting impact on their music career. Some musicians fail to get good attendance because of poor organization, others because of reasons beyond their expectation but to King Michael, his recent ‘Best Of King Michael’ got low attendance perhaps because of bad timing

King Michael was disappointed with the turn up that he even shed some tears. He felt betrayed by the ruling NRM party that he has supported for a very long time.

In a video of him ranting, he says that prior to the concert, he approached a good number of NRM officials who promised to attend the concert but they never did yet for other artiste’s concerts, they attend in large numbers and sit in the VIP section.

“I have been supporting NRM for so long. I have been abused and criticized on social media. I would like the party to recognize me. If I have any problem, they have to come forward. No one came yet I had invited big officials for my concert. When other artistes organize shows, the party give them support. I hear the president is also going to attend some show coming up. I don’t want the party to be discriminative” he said during a press conference he held on Monday at Calender Rest House in Makindye.

The ‘Kwata kwata’ musician also added that since his show flopped, he has so many debts and needs help from his party. “I have debts and I need help. I don’t want them to help me when I’m on my hospital bed, they should help me now.”

Watch King Michael cry to NRM for help

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