“I have Experience In Live Performance”-David Lutalo Promises Big Ahead Of Concert

He is one of the most talented artists we have in the Ugandan music industry at the moment.  Ever since he left Luwero 10 years ago and broke the scene with his hit song ‘Kapapala’, David Lutalo has never looked back. He has quite a number of hit songs as well as  good collaborations

Lutalo is set to host his fans at the Africell Uganda sponsored Nakusiima Album Launch concert on Friday the 25th of January at Lugogo Cricket Oval

Chano8 exclusively caught up with him for a question and answer interview and here is what he had to say

Chano8: You have been in the industry for more than a decade, are you in plans of holding a 10 year celebration concert  just like the one Eddy Kenzo held recently?

 I did talk about it when I clocked 10 years and I didn’t celebrate though it was a very big achievement. I feel like I haven’t yet reached where I want to be and I still have a very long way to go.

Chano8: Why do you say you still have a long way to go yet the difference between where you came from and where you are now is evidently big?

True there is a huge difference but according to what I asked God for, I will celebrate when the time is right.

 Chano8: January is your month when it comes to concerts despite the fact that most artistes fear it given that fans are usually not doing financially well, how do you do it?

First of all, I just don’t do shows, I first pray to God for success before I set any concert date, secondly, I didn’t want to compete with fellow artists over concert dates and January being a very free month, it favors me when it comes to that.

Chano8: You said you don’t want to compete with artists when it comes to concerts but on that same day, Spice Diana has a concert, what do make of it?

I don’t really know their thinking because I am not them. Everyone tries their luck and every artiste has a right to set a date when they want. That is all I can say.

Chano8: What can we expect at the concert that we didn’t see at last year’s concert especially basing on the fact that you have not had many songs released like in 2017? 

Unless if people have not followed me well but I started 2018 well and I don’t have a song that has failed in 2018, it’s just that sometimes when I release songs, people think they are for previous years.

Chano8: What makes your songs cut across and appeal to almost everyone?

The world has different people, there are children, youth, adults and the elderly so I try to balance by singing different songs for different people, that is why I don’t classify my music in any genre. Lutalo sings good music.

Chano8: We recently heard that you had disagreements with Victor Kamenyo over singer Chosen Becky. What exactly happened?

I have never talked to Victor Kamenyo over that issue but I heard that Kamenyo used to work with the people who were managing Chosen Becky. What I know is that she was given a termination letter and given that she is very young in the industry, she didn’t know what to do or where to run to. She saw me as someone who could help and direct her and we started working together.

 Chano8: So is she under Lutalo and signed under your band Da Hares?

She is not signed under Da Hares, she has management that handles her music but we just have terms where I am just helping grow her talent.

Chano8: What do you have to say about the newly introduced laws to to manage the entertainment industry?

First of all, after some research I realized that that law was there, it was a draft in 1943 and was passed in 1949 but we didn’t know about it. The law has no relevance with what is happening in the industry at the moment because surely times change. We as artists have good lawyers that are going to represent us and bring out the real disadvantages of this law. Well, there are a few good things from the law but most of the laws don’t help the industry.

Chano8: How do you think the Law will affect the industry if passed?

 It will affect it so much because our music is not protected so the only way artists earn is from performances. We as artistes employ quite a number of people that could be jobless and may end up making trouble because of being jobless. Unfortunately, the government looks at just one person, the artiste.

All I can ask is if they don’t want us to perform many times let them protect our music. As of now, I don’t think they have any idea of what is going on in the music industry.

Chano8: What is your say on musicians joining politics?

Everyone has their own thinking. If the government had protected our music and we earn what we deserve, I don’t think those many entertainers would be in parliament.

Chano8: We didn’t see you feature in the ‘Tubonga Nawe’ song and we didn’t see you feature in ‘Engule’ which song are you waiting to feature on?

 I am not a politician, I sing that every day, I respect anyone in power whoever rules me should rule me so long as I am safe and okay.

Chano8: So if the president calls and pays you to sing, would you sing?

 Who am I to turn down the president’s call and money? That is why I don’t blame the artists who participated in ‘Tubonga Nawe’. With this hunger in Uganda today, if you reach state house and they show you papers of money, I don’t think anyone can turn it down.

I also don’t blame those who participated in ‘Engule’ though my target as a person is to sing for everyone not a certain group of people. That is why I try to sing songs that unite people because I don’t discriminate between tribe, religion and political affiliations.

Chano8: Last year you were at cricket oval with Balaam Events, now you are with KT Events, did Balaam fail you?

 No, change is good. The good thing is that the promoter I am working with this year is also good.

Chano8: You were at Cricket Oval last year and it was very successful, should we expect you at Namboole next year?

 Hahaha I will be letting you know.

Chano8: How about an indoor concert because we have ever seen you do one?

 It would be nice for me to organize such a concert because I have fans that don’t feel comfortable in open spaces, that’s why God willing very soon I will be announcing an indoor concert for those fans of mine.

 Chano8: Share with us your experience of the music industry in 2018?

  The Ugandan music industry has never failed since way back and it is still growing.

 Chano8: Any musical challenges you encountered in 2018?

Like you know, there is no striker that is going to score a goal and defenders stand and watch on, so there are always challenges that I will rather not say.

Chano8: What should we expect at ‘Nakusiima’ concert?

 Only good things because I trust people believe in me and I have experience in this especially when it comes to singing live.

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