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“I Have No Issues With Kasirye Ggwanga, I respect Him”- Catherine Kusasira Gives Her Side Of The Story

It is all over in the news that on Tuesday night Major General Kasirye Ggwanga shot at the car tires of veteran female musician Catherine Kusasira in Makindye, a Kampala City Suburb.

The shooting happened when Kasirye was called by his children to intervene following a quarrel they had with Kusasira’s ‘Kusasira Body Jerry’ company staff members who had packed at a restaurant to buy food.

Although it was reported in the news that the quarrel was triggered by Kusasira’s staff who reportedly refused to turn down the music volume in their car after Kasirye’s children asked them to, Kusasira has her side of the story.

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“My staff had packed at a restaurant in Makindye to buy food and that is when Kasirye’s children came driving in a car and turned in a place which was not right. My staff asked them why they did so but they arrogantly replied as well as coming out to take photos of my company car. This resulted into an exchange of words and then Kasirye’s children called him.” Explained Kusasira

Catherine Kusasira arrived a few minutes after Kasirye who was bitter at the moment

“I availed myself thinking that Mr Kasirye was going to calm down after seeing me. I asked him to forgive my staff on my behalf but I instead heard him ask for his gun. When he got the gun, I stepped aside and then he got out his car and shot the tires of my car. He said that if weren’t me, he was going to destroy the whole car” Catherine added

However, according to Kusasira, all this shouldn’t scare her fans because she has it in control and she claims she is at good terms with Kasirye Ggwanga and actually respects her

“I have no issues with Kasirye Ggwaga. I respect him and will always respect him” Kusasira concluded.


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