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“I Haven’t Found A Suitable Man To Settle With”-Desire Luzinda Speaks Out On Marriage

When is singer Desire Luzinda getting married? This is a controversial question that would have many answers but before the answers, which man will marry the singer following her kind of life as a musician, the sex tape scandals and the various love relationships she has been involved in?

After the break up with the father of her daughter Mr Kaddu John, Desire has been with different men among who include Juma Seiko, Lwasa (a Masaka tycoon), Kenneth Ntaro, Franklin (the one who leaked their sex tape) among many others and you would ask yourself why she has not yet found a dude to settle with.

While speaking on an interview at NTV’s ‘Mwasuze Mutya’ show, Desire was asked on when she plans to get married but her replies were ones we couldn’t just let pass. Desire who claimed that Kenneth messed her up during their relationship said that it is one of the reasons she has not thought of being in a serious relationship which may result into marriage. She is still heart broken.

“It is not that I don’t want to get married but then I am not pressured. Actually sometime back, my mother told me that I am the one holding back my marriage. She said that ‘if you wanted marriage today then you would walk down the aisle’ and she wasn’t wrong.” Desire said

The ‘Kitone’ hit maker  added saying that marriage is a feeling felt in ones heart and further said that she has not yet found a right person

If you are to get married, you feel it and know this is the right person. You wouldn’t want to do it and walk out. I don’t feel like I have met that person I really want to settle with but I know when the real time comes I will. I am not in rush for marriage and I never feel like I am aging. I don’t think it is something anybody should rush into”

Apparently, Desire disclosed how she is receiving a lot of marriage proposals that she dodges around.

“Sometime back I settled with a wrong person, may be if hadn’t rushed into it, I would never had gotten out. I just find ways of dodging these proposals that are coming in in fact. I don’t say no however because I don’t want hurt someone.” Desire added.

Finally, Desire shared a challenge of how musicians especially women find it hard to get married because of the limelight and exposure. She also shared with the public about the kind of man she would want to settle with

“It is not easy to get married when you are in the lime light because the men with good intentions fear because of all sorts of things but those who come and approach you are the most wrong ones. I need a person who is God fearing, one who understands me, one who loves my daughter and I don’t need poor people.”

When asked whether, she wants a stinking rich man, her reply was ‘why not?’

Desire Luzinda and her ex-husband and father of her daughter Kaddu John

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