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I Initiated The Awards Boycott, GNL Brags

He may be in the United States of America pursuing his movie career but home is still home for GNL. He is keeping tabs on everything that is happening on the local scene when it comes to entertainment and one important factor brought him out in the open to comment about.

The Luga Flow artiste a few days back said that all artistes boycotting awards now are too late because he was the one who initiated it.

 “Now every artist is acting like boycotting awards is in. You are late to the party I started doing that in 2014. I declined further nominations because I felt my work was being disrespected. I was shocked that most local awards were bought instead of earned so I refused to have my brand used as a pawn,” he noted.


Hip Hop singer GNL Zamba says he initiated the boycotting of awards in Uganda

Also adding that he has always seen 3.5 moves ahead and saw that the music chess board was rigged for people that play draft.

“I’m not saying that all awards are bad or unnecessary but if your committee bows to patrons/sponsors don’t have 3/4 of arts people judging, then I respectfully decline from your glass models purchased for cheap in Dubai. I can engrave my own. If you have never supported any artist grass root growth movement then you are just a culture vulture only here for profit. I’m not interested in a free party, honestly I can save money on suits and throw a better party. Other players should recognize that gone are the days when artists were impressed to do anything for liquor now days even those who smoke tones of riffa employ a smart management team to call Bs when they see it. Now everybody got a brand to protect. Tuvudewala but we have evolved, experienced and expanded.”

He concluded by saying that he’s not bragging but he called it first 3 years ago.


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