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“I Just Left 30th November For Her”-Chameleone Denies ‘Fearing’ Sheebah

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Recently, Leone Island boss and multi-talented singer Jose Chameleone announced his 2018 concert for Friday the 30th of November at Lugogo Cricket Oval but little did he know that Team No Sleep’s Sheebah Karungi was also eying the same date, although we don’t know who thought of it first.

When both artistes realised that their concerts were slated for the same date, Chameleone had to pave way for Sheebah and postponed his concert to a later date which he has however not yet communicated  but we speculate it might be for December.

Chameleone’s pushing of the concert was misunderstood by many bloggers, a section of social media users as well as Chameleone’s critics who took it upon themselves to spread false information that Chameleone feared Sheebah

Question is, as a senior and experienced artiste who has had several concerts, is it right to say that he postponed his concert in the name of fearing Sheebah? In an exclusive interview Chano8 had with Chameleone, he cleared the air saying,

“The concert was scheduled for the 30th of November so coincidentally Sheebah chose the same date so me as a senior artiste I chose to postpone mine because I think the industry can be more healthy if we can all give everybody a chance. If she is interested in the same date, just like say ladies first, I let her do her concert” Chameleone explained

The ‘Mateeka’ singer further added saying that it is so easy for him to remove his concert despite the critics’ allegations. He has held very many concerts as opposed to Sheebah.

“Besides I have done many concerts so it’s easier for me to remove mine and also, we don’t like to confuse the fans because they are mixed. Why would you make it hard for the fans? If she cannot leave the date for me for me, I chose to leave it for her. Precisely, we can always do concerts on different dates” Chameleone  concluded.

Information we gathered reports that on hearing that Chamili as he sometimes calls himself set his concert for the same date, KT Promotions who are the organizers of Sheebah’s had to insist and left the date for 30th November with no fear

Now that it is clear that Chameleone paved way for Sheebah, Chano8 will keep you in the know of Chameleone new 2018 concert dates and this follows a similar scenario last year when Chameleone’s Legend Hit After Hit concert changed dates 4 times.




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