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“I Love Gutujja” American Singer Mya Now Prefers Rema To Eddy Kenzo

American R&B star Mya real name Mya Marie Harrison who is in the country for the All Music Safari concert while speaking to journalists in October said she loves Eddy Kenzo’s music and also mentioned Iryn Ntale and David Lutalo among Ugandan artistes she knows.

Although it was a big surprise that Lutalo’s name featured on that list, Kenzo being a BET Award winner and Iryn Ntale with her familiar style of music did not surprise many journalists who wanted to know if the American knows Ugandan artistes and would collaborate with any on a musical project.

BET Award winner Eddy Kenzo was mentioned in the earlier interview with Mya.

That press conference was held via teleconferencing with the American chatting from Washington DC while the media congregated at Industrial-Area based club Guvnor on October 25th.

However in a rather bizarre twist of events, the ‘Case of the Ex’ singer when asked the same question today but surprisingly did not mention Eddy Kenzo or any of the other artistes but rather said “My favourite song is Gutujja by Rema and B2C I love the song. It’s a beautiful song” She said.

“I am ready to meet some Ugandan artistes and willing to collaborate with them If time allows. If I can’t do it now, then I can come back later” The soft-spoken singer added.

Rema features B2C in the hit song ‘Gutujja’ which Mya confessed she loves.

It is not clear why the 40-year-old singer had a change of mind, but comes at a time when Rema is all over the news for introducing a new man Dr. Hamza Ssebunya at the expense of longtime lover and fellow singer Kenzo whom she threw out of her life recently.

She was this morning speaking to media at a briefing held at Mestil Hotel in Nsambya where she also reiterated that she is very excited to perform for her Ugandan fans and can’t wait to give them an unforgettable experience.

Mya (R) during today’s press conference at Mestil Hotel.

The star is set to headline this Saturday at the Johnnie Walker All Music Safari concert dubbed “30th All Music Safari.” In what is expected to be a sensational concert of “keeping live music live with Johnnie Walker’s All Music Safari” as Jazz Safari founder Tshaka Mayanja marks his 30th anniversary in the music business.

Mya who said she has already been to Africa before and performed in countries like Tanzania, Egypt, Ethiopia, Angola and most recently Lagos Nigeria is here for the first time. She also added that she loves nature; trying different cuisines, local life and would love to visit Game Parks to see different animals while in the country.





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