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I Miss My Old Friend Geoffrey Lutaya Says Mesach Semakula


In our third and final part of Mesach Semakula’s touching and adventurous ‘My Journey’ story, we bring you the events that led to the break- through for the Golden Band. 

After an emotional narration by Semakula about the difficult start to his music career  which we shared here in part one of ‘My Journey’ story, he highlighted the long struggle and journey to stardom where he revealed for the first time some top notch tingly parches in his life’s journey exclusively to chano8.  We also shared the events that led to him having a misunderstanding with his father over his career aspirations and consequently being thrown out of home at the age of 16 while in senior two.

In part two of the intriguing but inspiring story, Semakula told us about the struggle that took him to the cold and rough Kampala streets and how he met some of his closest friends and colleagues like Geoffrey Lutaya, Ronald Mayinja and Grace Sekamatte at a band called Emittos after which they formed their own Music group/band called Gebros in 1995.

Although after breaking up with friends at Gebros, Semakula managed to release his firat album with the help of a music distributor called HK and although it did not perform well, he manged to earl about 700,000/= from the sale before linking up with John Segawa who introduced him to writing music for plays and drama theme songs.

With his first payment and earnings from the sale of the ‘Ntomedde’ album he felt he had enough savings to go back and start a project at home. But his challenge was how to reconcile with his father and relatives who had rejected him and thrown him out because of music.

However one sunny Sunday, we decided enough was enough and gathered all the courage he could muster and set off for home after four years of not seeing each other. When he reached home and met mzee, behold there was trouble waiting to welcome him. His father told him to lie down and was given serious strokes of cane before saying any word.

So when the dust was settling down, he told his father that he had some money and wanted a piece of land to build his own land. When he told his father he had 250,000/- to start, he instead added more strokes of the cain thinking Semakula was fooling around

Mesach Semakula3

Mesach Semakula


But because his late brother Michael also demanded the same, he was reluctantly given a portion (a Square decimal) where he started working on the foundation with the little he had. He would put in little by little on the structure until when his father saw he was serious, then finally warmed up to him and forgave him,

He completed the house in 2003 after his breakthrough album ‘Twegombabanji’ which had awards winning songs like ‘Tukutendere’ but unfortunately his father passed on shortly after the reconciliation and didn’t live to see his sons success in the music career which took off soon after. Like the always say, the rest is history


Semakula is set for his ‘My Journey’ (Olugendo lwange) my story concert slatted for Kampala Serena Hotel on September 25th at Kampala Serena Hotel. The charity concert is dedicated to the fight against diabetes where Semakula intends to have a sensitization drive about the disease as he shares his life’s journey and battle against the ailment.

He also intends to have an intimate moment with his fans especially the corporate and A-Listers who have never had a chance to attend any of his concerts mainly targeting the ‘downtown’ audience.

“There is a negative media campaign going on against some of us artistes and horrible stories written in tabloids about my health condition but come that day, I will set all records straight.” Semakula said.

The concert is sponsored by SMS ONE and organised by KT promotions and Golden Band.


Early last year, one of Uganda’s most celebrated, biggest and longest surviving bands The Eagles Production split over numerous reasons with the media giving different accounts of what exactly happened and why the separated. The most common theory was that the band disintegrated because of money related disagreements.


Mesach Semakula with some of the former Eagles Production members


Semakula who was one of the leaders and founder members decided to form a new band called ‘The Golden Band’ with most of the members like Ronald Mayinja, Catherine Kusasira, Fred Sseruga, Stecia Mayanja Maurine Nantume among others following him with Only Geoffrey Lutaya and wife Irene Namatovu.

He how ever told www.chano8.com that, he actually regrets the circumstances that led to the whole saga.

“We started as young boys of about 16 to 17 years we have always been friends and grew together as a family. We have been in the music industry for about twenty years now especially as Eagles Production and i thank God and my friends for that” Semakula told Chano8 as he held back tears.

“We had some misunderstandings as normal human beings but it was very wrong and i am sorry for everything that happened. It still hurts but I can’t tell exactly what actually happened due to respect for my colleagues and ask fans to forgive us and support us all as usual. We miss him (Geoffrey Lutaya) and hope we’ll get back together again in future.” A teary Semakula concluded.



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