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“I Need To Create Space For Others”-MC Kats To Quit TV And Emceeing

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NBS After 5 co-host MC Kats is one of the veteran and successful MCs and TV presenters in the country, he has hosted hundred of events, appeared on our TV screens a lot but like they say, ‘everything has a beginning and an end’. After putting serious consideration to it, the veteran MC is in plans of retiring from the emceeing and TV business

This week, Kats revealed it in an interview with NBS Uncut show although the retirement will not see him completely getting out of the emceeing and TV presenting industry but he will remain behind the scenes as a consultant and adviser.

“I want to get to a point where Kats is backstage but he is controlling things, like say I leave After 5 but I am still in production team, I leave emceeing but I go for a concert and I can tell an MC what to do and when to do it. That is why is why I am starting to do different things, I am going to retire in a few years” MC Kats said

Kats’ intention is to create space for other TV presenters and MCs to showcase their talent so that he can put his experience to use by guiding the young MCs and TV presenter. “I need to create space for people. I have done this close to 15 years” Explained Kats

Veteran MC and TV presenter Kats is set to retire from that business soon.

As an MC and TV presenter, Kats has not earned money and fame alone but has also nurtured some singers’ talents. A good example is Fille whom she managed for 6 years before they fell out early this year

On Friday the 28th of December 2018, veteran MC Kats real name Edwin Katamba celebrated 20 years in the in the emceeing industry with a successful party that took place at the Acacia Avenue based Wave Lounge

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