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“I Personally Produced ‘Get Over It’ Song” – Keko

Hip Hop met Hip Hop when rappers Keko and Atlas teamed up on a new track dubbed ‘Get Over It’. It follows another collabo song that features the two dubbed ‘Cover The Town’ on which they feature Bryan McKenzie too.

What is so special and unique about this track is that Keko is the one who produced the song an act that might make us need to know whether she is a producer too. Chano8 however contacted Keko for a comment and she had this to say.



“The song was released yesterday and there is no major inspiration behind it but just all about getting over whatever is going on in your life. Me and Atlas recorded separately and if people like the song, we will shoot the vide0.”

Keko begins the song first with singing the Chorus which goes like ‘get over it, get over, get over it, get over it, time is wasted and I won’t be waiting’. She then comes again in the first verse singing lyrics like this game is not a bed of roses and how the haters cannot stop her  from doing hip hop in public and in addition, she sings that she is confident in her thing.

Atlas comes in in the second verse and he is heard singing lyrics like  ‘how his come backs confuse the haters and how he has learnt one thing about the music industry that when you let enemies, they will use you. He adds saying that he is over it and independent.


Atlas Da African

Keko concludes the song singing the chorus till when the song fades. It’s truly an inspirational song that is urging people to just get over anything that could be stressing them and have a goal in life.

Listen to ‘Get Over It’ by Keko Featuring Atlas below


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