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“I Respect My Bosses, That’s Why I Knelt”- Balaam Explains His Actions

Ugandan top artistes received a bashing from several critics and the general public when they knelt for the president a few months back during their first dinner and launch of ‘Tubonga nawe’ project with some saying it shouldn’t be right for a man to get down on his knees for a fellow man while others took it as a sign of respect.

Well, the same has happened, this time round for prominent events promoter Balaam Barugahara.

The man in charge of the president’s entertainment team knelt before Justine Lumumba, the NRM secretary general on one of the presidential campaigns upcountry and social media went ablaze after the picture leaked.


Balaam kneels infront of Lumumba

But the famous ‘Bivuulu promoter came out and defended his actions by saying kneeling is a sign of respect.

“What matters is how much I’m demanding and I respect my bosses. I sweet for my money and I respect my bosses. Criticize as I earn big. If you don’t respect your bosses then you earn little or nothing. Thanks to those who have supported and those who respect their bosses thanks.” Balaam said.


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