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I Slept On The Streets While Chasing My Dream – Mesach Semakula


After an emotional narration by Semakula about the difficult start to his music career  which we shared here in part one of ‘My Journey’ story, we now unleash part two of the touching story.

The Golden Band Leader and Lead singer Mesach Semakula was revealing some top notch tingly parches in his life’s journey exclusively to chano8 where in part one, we shared the events that led to him having a misunderstanding with his father over his career aspirations and consequently being thrown out of home at the age of 16 while in senior two.

Semakula who is preparing for his ‘My Journey (Olugendo lwange) scheduled for 25th September at Kampala Serena Hotel also talked about how he met some of his old time friends like Geoffrey Lutaya, Ronald Mayinja and Grace Sekamatte at a band called Emittos after which they formed their own Music group/band called Gebros in 1995.

Mesach Semakula in video

Semakula in one of his latest music videos


So after the group seemed to have picked up and started winning over fans by dancing, miming (other people’s songs) and performing plays, they too had misunderstandings and before long, they disintegrated and moved their separate ways.

After the breakup, in late 1995, an ambitious Semakula did not give up on his dream and continued pursuing though still broke and homeless (He braved cold and scary nights in Happy land theater in Kibuye). As luck would have it, he lands on Timothy Kizito a music director and Kunya Frederick who taught him technicalities involved in singing and writing music at Ebonies group.

Unfortunately, Kizito left shortly for Boston US and sold off his studio and the care taker a one Ben too left for London as a confused Semakula was left alone. As fate would have it, opportunity had struck unexpectly as he had to take charge of the studio activities. Though he knew little, he gambled his way through and with the aid of manuals, he tried production.

He would help Kato Ssekandi in his Kadongo Kamu group Bazira (Guitar Singers) which had Gerald Kiwewa as a sound technical/producer and was paid 5,000/- for a night’s work.

After his stint with Kato, he linked up with a music distributor known only as HK who was a friend to Timothy Kizito. It is him who paid for the production of his first album ‘Ntomedde’ in 1998 at Namulondo Studios (Bweyogerere) which unfortunately did not do well but still was paid 700,000/= (a respectable amount then) by music promoter HK.

In the final part of ‘Semakula’s ‘My Journey’ story, we unleash the break through moment and how his family reacted to his new status. Watch out for PART THREE coming soon on these pages only on www.chano8.com

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