“I Sold Kankukube Empetta Album At 100 M, But Artistes Now Need Copyright To Make Money”-Ragga Dee

It is practically  impossible for a Ugandan artiste to sell their album at Ug Shs 20 million. Not because we don’t have promoters or people who can actually buy music but mainly because the music industry has a lot of avenues that music consumers can get the songs.

To an artiste who has ever sold a single album at Shs 100 million, this is painful and it is the main issue that the new association known as Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) should work on.

Veteran musician Dan Kazibwe alias Ragga Dee says that copyright law should be implemented in Uganda and it should be upon the leaders of the association to take it up although he is not pleased with their work in progress.

According to the 46 year old, musicians are no benefiting anymore from their craft. He says back in the day, they used to make money simply by selling albums which is not the case now.

“You can’t believe I sold my Kankukube empetta album at Shs 100 million. The late Kasiwukila was the one who bought it. You can’t imagine how he promoted the album even abroad to get his money back,” said Ragga Dee in an interview with some TV station.

He added that of late, artistes are the ones who buy airplay on radio and TV stations. He also said that on top of that, they pay deejays to promote their songs.

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