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“I Survive Because Of Prayer” Bebe Cool Tells CNN.

Big Size Bebe Cool was recently on CNN talking about his life and music which he has been doing for the past 15 years. In a ten minutes Question and Answer (Q&A) interview, The ‘Byebyo’ hit maker told the world how it has not been easy for him especially growing with his poor mother while watching his rich father on the other side but managed to make it through. The Reggae star fully and well represented Uganda and Africa at large on CNN which is an international news Agency.


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Bebe Cool Stressing a point.

Bebe Cool is undoubtedly one of those big names when it comes to Ugandan music, has lots of social media presence plus a big fan base. Born Moses Ssali, Bebe was so ecstatic about the CNN interview, “Proud to represent Uganda, talk about my music for 10 minutes on CNN. Uganda has been sold to the world for bad reasons b4 but today for good music”. Said Bebe Cool.

It is safe to say that the Gagamel boss is finally enjoying the fruits of his hard work which he has put for a decade. And now that the international community is starting to pick interest in him and the local industry at large, we can only hope that things will get better for everyone involved in its growth.

After a successful ‘Friends Of Bebe Cool’ concert and release of his latest ‘Go Mama’ album, things are now getting better as he continues to make wonders with the songs he sings for example his ‘Love You Every’ hit which is doing well on the airwaves and topping chats far and wide for example in Fiji where it was number one on their iTunes list. As the Big Size continues to unveil the very best of him, the sky is the limit for the 38 year old reggae star.

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