‘I Want To Appear On Billboards’  – Up Coming Singer Sharon Kaka

Sharon kaka is a beautiful simple girl born in Hoima though grew up from Jinja she is the second born in the family of 11kids. She started her professional music career three years back and her last Video called Akawumbi is receiving airplay on the Ugandan airwaves. 

She told Chano8 that she sings Rnb, Zouk, ballad and any other types of music but educative ones more especially love songs. She crushes on Maurice Kirya and defends the late Radio as one who was perfect never into women. Here is her story

Take us through when you started singing?

I joined music in 2014 but started as a backup artist in album launches, recording studios and other occasions.

Tell us about your Education background?

I started at Main street primary school in Jinja then went to Mukono Parents High School, Yale high School and Wanyange Girls high school, then Makerere University main campus

How did you manage to convince your parents about your music career considering your young age

My dad was against it but later he allowed me but my mummy had no problem with it.

How many songs have you recorded so far?

I have recorded so many songs so far. They are just countless.

What inspired you to sing?

I was inspired by the passion I have in me and my talent too.

Any collaborations you have done so far?

So far I have with Dr Bitone but more will come with time.

Have you shared a stage with any established artist yet?

I have so far worked with the late Radio that’s Good lyfe, Stabua Natoro, Sophie Antonio, Dr Tee and many others.

What special memories do you hold with Late Radio?

I hold a lot of memories. He was a good man, teacher and a person that cared about everyone he worked with. He wasn’t into such things as womanising.

Tell us any male artists you crush on?

(Laughs) Maurice Kirya coz naturally I love dark-skinned guys

Rema and Pia pounds who is a better musician?

Rema is much way better than that Pia Pounds girl. It is only Kenzo that is trying to push her.

Five years from now, what’s your plan?

I see myself on bill boards and a successful artist both in Uganda and outside

Are you in a relationship?

Not sure about that yet (laughs) I will confirm it when it’s time for it

Where do you derive your inspiration to sing?

My inspiration comes from Juliana Kanyomozi. She is an amazing musician. When I am listening to her songs, I feel my world is at rest.

Being an up and coming artiste what are some of the challenges you face along the way?

We get a lot of challenges more especially with media. They need a lot of money which we fail to get and most times they want to take advantage of us.



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