‘I Want To Buy A Private Jet’ Says Dancehall artiste PARDESA

Photos by Habre Muriisa/Chano8
  • Pardesa is a Ugandan Dancehall artiste trying to find his feet on the Ugandan music industry.
  • He has travelled in several African countries trying to make a living and his story is very touching.
  • Now he feels he is ready to take on the mainstream industry heads on as he plans for a majo concert.

All dreams are valid says Kenyan superstar actress Lupita Nyang’o and indeed the saying comes to mind as soon as you listen to upcoming Dancehall and Ragga artitse Pardesa speaking. The dread-locked singer who paid a courtesy visit at our office in Kololo sent the chano8 team to dream land when he said he wants to buy a private jet Asap!

Well not that it is a bad idea or impossibility, the young artiste is actually confident one day his dream will come to pass. He says he is tired of Kampala’s snail traffic that bores to the core and makes him miss important appointments.


Pardesa holding the Chano8 a copy of the Chano8 Magazine(Below he is taken through the website)


Pardesa real names Nyakana Batte Muhamad known for the club banger ‘Burn dem’(ft Joy Good), has been struggling to stay afloat in this challenging Ugandan music industry has travelled in different Africa countries from Kenya, Zambia, Botswana to South Africa and many others.

His story just like for many other struggling and upcoming artistes has been of real street hustling. He has seen it all tough and tough but his story can inspire many as he has stayed focused on his music dream and has a collection of his music which he feels is ready to hit the Ugandan airwaves and even have a major concert at the end of the year.

You can read Pardea’s detailed street life and music journey in our full interview coming soon on this platform..

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