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“I Wanted To Put Her Behind Bars”- Geosteady Narrates His Ordeal With Woman Who Accused Him Of Child Neglect

It has been a couple of weeks of silence after singer Geosteady overcame his child neglect scandal which many thought was going to put an end on his music career and relationship but a few days ago, he opened up while on UBC TV’s ‘Horizon Vibe’ where he was hosted for an interview over the weekend.

It seems that the ‘Owooma’ singer had cooled down his temper and managed to come out and discuss about this finally.

According to the interview that he had denied many, Geosteady said that although many thought and spread rumours that his fiancée Prima Kardashi was was going to chuck him following the scandal, she was there to support him throughout because of the trust she has in him.

“Prima has been in this industry for a very long time. She knows what I can and can’t do. She knows everything about me,” he said.

The artiste further added that because of the fan’s pressure, he wanted to punish Nabweteme (the woman who was accusing him of child neglect) by putting her behind bars.

“What Nabweteme didn’t understand is that I had told them I wanted to do a DNA because my initial plan was to put her behind bars and in order to do that, I had to get proof and proof was evidence of the DNA and that was because of the pressure from fans. They were 95 percent negative. Every post, was against me.” Geosteady siad

However, at the end of the day, Geosteady decided to forgive her and as we write this, the child in question is being funded by the singer’s foundation.

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