I was Not Denied Visa, Amani Explains Why She Also Skipped MTVAMAs

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Just like like our Ugandan singing duo Radio and Weasel, reports coming from Nairobi indicate that, Kenyan diva Amani who was nominated alongside the dynamic duo of Goodlyfe for their collabo ‘Kiboko Changu’ in the best collaboration category also missed the Mamas held at the Chief Albert Luthuli Durban International Convention Centre Durban, South Africa .

MTV was not amused by Radio and Weasel’s absence at the MTVAMA’s and are demanding a convincing explanation or else they punish the Ugandan duo.The Goodlyfe boys failed to show up despite the fact that MTV had catered for their travel expenses. The most likely punishment is being dropped from their list of recognised African musicians.

According to sources close to the two musicians, they failed to make it because of their recent feud with former manager Kiwanuka Jeff. Jeff, who still controls their email account, allegedly did not tell them about the travel arrangements and instead sent someone else.

However media sources in Kenya have quoted the singer in a recent release where she has since rubbished the reports claiming that she was denied a visa to travel to South Africa for the prestigious Awards. It had been alleged in some media circles that, organisers of the event failed to secure a visa for the Veteran singer. She released a statement to deny the whole rumour and clear the air about the saga;

“It is not true that I was denied a visa. The reason for my failure to show up at the event was that I had some unavoidable commitments and I had even made it clear to the organisers that I would not be available on the material day,”

“I always get a visa whenever I have to travel. In fact, I am on my fourth passport and that can explain that I do travel a lot. It’s only that on Saturday I was committed somewhere else.



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