“I Will Come Back To Uganda When You Win The World Cup”- FIFA President

A few days ago, Uganda was blessed with a courtesy visit by new FIFA president Gianni Infantino and Moses Magogo yet again proved that his presidency is full capability.

Infantino, came to Uganda last Friday and before anything, he first met President Museveni and both discussed matters to do with improving Ugandan football before he addressed a press conference.

But among the questions that were asked, our interest stuck to one. Infantino was asked when he will be back in Uganda and his answer was, “The moment Uganda wins the world cup.”


 This sent everyone laughing and wondering why his answer was that. This basically means the FIFA president might never come back to the Pearl of Africa because we stand no chance of winning the world cup. Already, it took 38 years for us to qualify for African cup of Nations and we didn’t exceed the group stages.

However, we can take pride from his visit because he laid a foundation for a football facility in Mengo that will see Ugandan talent promoted.    


Here is the foundation stone the FIFA president laid in Mengo


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