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“I Will Release Music When People Are In A Better State To Enjoy It”- Irene Ntale

Have you heard or listened to Irene Ntale’s new songs apart from the ones on her EP that she dropped in July 2020? Your answer must be no.

It is now a few days to make it a year since singer Irene Ntale dropped her 6-track extended play  (EP) tiled “Sukaali

From that time, the singer hasn’t released any new songs and this has left us wondering whether she chose to give her fans enough time to first digest the EP fully

As other artistes have in this time of the lockdown continued releasing new music to keep in their fans’ ears, Ntale seems to be comfortable with her EP, and she has all the right to decide whether to release new music or not, although fans are badly in need of her new songs.

Via her official 330.8 K followers Twitter account, she a few days ago tweeted “Naye nga muli mutya Banange temwetuga” translated as “But how are you my people, don’t hang yourselves”

“Naye Irene music wamuvirako dala jobera leaves rent free in my head tuweyo akalala” a fan identified as Dauda Talha Baker asked

In her response, she said “I will release music when people are in a better state to enjoy it. So many people are grieving, healing, starving , surviving! Gotta be considerate ”

However, some new music hungry fans weren’t convinced enough by her response like a one Teshemerirwe Eric who said “Which state? Because me I think this is even the best time we need your music. This pandemic is boring us, we need something”

Music heals souls naawe we need music” said David Igan

“That is not an excuse …bring out music and calms souls …and we have time to stream it …its lockdown not when. We r working…tho ur song is fake we shall tap it ….just release” Said  Black Mugisu

“This is the better time to enjoy music. Come on People have lots of free time Jonathan Elisha said

Despite the fans’ demands, Irene like she said insists on releasing new music when “people are in a better state to enjoy it” although we don’t know exactly when

Despite fans’ pressure to release new music, singer Irene Ntale will release music when she feels people are in a right state to enjoy it

It should be remembered that the in August 2019, the “Gyobeera” singer got signed under Universal Music Group Nigeria (UMGNG), a division of the American based Universal Music Group (UMG)




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