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I Will Retire From NBS TV To Concentrate On Personal Business – Douglas Lwanga

While appearing on Galaxy FM, Douglas Lwanga disclosed that he has had a lot with TV presentation and currently is looking at making a network that shall host followers sighting an example of the American celebrated female TV icon Oprah Winfrey.

 Douglas further added that in a nearby future he is considering retiring from NBS and concentrating on his personal network that he says has gained momentum and a big following.

“In the near future I am looking at me retiring from NBS TV and pursuing my other personal business,” he said

Douglas LWanga has been on TV for a long time now

When he was asked to explain more about his life after NBS TV, Douglas said, he wants to emulate American star, Oprah Winfrey. The presenter disclosed that he is focusing on building his own network that is under development and shall soon be launched In his own words, he said

“I personally have love for the media and I have kept it going and joining big TV brands speaks for its self, I would love to say this currently I’m working on a network just like you see Oprah Winfrey and its almost complete after all these Telecasts on the station I’m at I shall solely concentrate on my new venture, however the rumour that is linking me with Kenyan TV stations is not true” Douglas affirmed.

Lwanga who started up his career from Record TV later joined NTV one of the biggest branded TV stations in Uganda but surprisingly quit NTV for NBS television where he is currently at over unclear grounds.

Douglas Lwanga has been a TV star for close to 10 years and arguably he has gained enough experience. He is engaged to a city bar marketer Linda Lisa and the couple is blessed with two Children.


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