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“I Won’t Stop Doing Music With Young Artistes”- Pallaso

“I would not be here this quick if Radio & Weasel, Davido, GNL Zamba & Dr Chameleone among so many others didn’t give me the same chance and the only way I can try to pay the world back for the favours is help the next upcoming man.” are the words that came out of Pallaso’s month as he explained himself on the common question paused to him of why he has too much love for young and upcoming artistes plus doing collabos with them.


Pallaso continues to do collabos with young and upcoming artistes

Talking about that, ‘Amaaso’ featuring Mose Radio and Weasel was the song that shined more light for Pallaso on the challenging music scene following his come back from the United States of America in the year 2013. From then the ‘Bubble’ singer has released songs that have kept him relevant on the  scene for example ‘Go Down Low’ featuring Sheebah, ‘Twatoba’ featuring Nigeria’s Davido among many others.

Having earned himself some mileage, The Team Good Music boss doesn’t forget that he was once an upcoming artiste that is why last year and this year, Pallaso has done several song songs with upcoming and young talents like Spice Diana, Beenie Gunter, Rhodah K, Full figure, Surprise Emma among many others and he is continuing to do collabos with more. Chano8 contacted Pallaso for a comment and this is what he had to say.

pallaso ear


“I will never stop doing music with all young talented musicians that come along my lane.” In other news, Pallaso is currently working on the video shoot of his latest ‘Bubble’ remix featuring Nigerian born rapper Vector.

Beenie Gunter

Beenie Gunter who Sang ‘Nishike’ with Pallaso

spice Diana 2

Spice Diana who sang ‘Koona’ with Pallaso

Rhodha K

Rhodah Who sang ‘Clear’ remix with Pallaso


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