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Iam a very calm person who hates chaos. Weasel reveals why he never intervened while Radio was being beaten


In a recent interview, Goodlfye star Weasel explained why he didn’t intervene when Mowzey Radio was being beaten up and later forced onto a police truck.

Weasel revealed that he is a very calm person who hates chaos.
“I wanted to stay out of that business,” said Weasel.

He added that Radio and former manager Jeff Kiwanuka had several issues which they needed to air out and there was nothing he could do but stay out.

“I just watched on and let them sort themselves out,” he revealed.

When asked whether he could embark on a solo career Weseal said, “Yes I can. I am a man, I have the energy.”

However, he turned down rumors that he would be breaking up with Radio.
“But why should I when two heads are better than one? We both had solo careers before and people didn’t like our music.” He concluded.

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