Ice Cube Says Paul Walker’s MTV Movie Award Was Out Of Sympathy

ice-cube-by-jason-kempin GTY_paul_walker_jef_140103_16x9_992The US rapper had no kind words after the MTV Awards as he blasted the decision to give the deceased Paul walker star of Fast and furious the award of Best  onscreen Duo gang rather than himself and Kevin hart from “Ride along”. He claims they were robbed of the award they deserved as it was awarded to Paul walker and Vin Diesel out of sympathy to Paul walkers passing last year.

These were his words to USA today He told USA Today: “We were robbed. Shame on you, MTV … We had the best chemistry of everybody nominated, for us not to win was crazy.”

“We were the best onscreen duo, period. They should have given it to him before he passed away.”
He later tweeted “Re: The sympathy vote: We should honor people before they die. That’s all … Ice Cube is not a sore loser.”

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