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Idris Elba Denies Dating Music Legend Madonna

With rumors flying high that he could be having a relationship with Madonna, Idris Elba came out and squashed them saying,

‘Am I sleeping with Madonna? No mother******s… “Don’t believe the Hype.” his tweet read.

The rumors started after the actor was seen indulging in passionate embraces with Madonna, who is fourteen years his senior, after the kickboxing bout at Bethnal Green’s York Hall according to the daily mail.

Another source told The Sun, ‘There was nothing subtle about it, no attempt to hide. It was very blatant.’

‘They were at the party for about an hour, they would dance, go off to smooch, then mingle a bit more.’
The insider added: ‘They only had eyes for each other. That seemed very clear.’

Madonna was surely a fan of the British actor who was documenting a boxing discovery series. She shared one photo with Idris’ back to the camera with the words ‘K.O in 1 min 55. Go Idris’ written on it, only proving how much she enjoyed the show.

Madonna is a true Idris Elba fan

Madonna is a true Idris Elba fan

She also shared a goofy one and jokingly said, I Kicked his butt. Clearly, the rumors hold no water and Idris Elba has surely put them to rest.

The documentary will show Idris take up real training before he gets his chance to compete in a professional match.

‘It has been a lifelong ambition of mine to fight professionally. Entering the ring to further test myself as a human being is a challenge I have been looking to take on for quite some time,’ he said.

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