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“If You Terribly Misbehave, I Replace You Without Much Talking” – Isabirye Gives Reasons For His Marriage Breakups

Radio Personality Joel Isabirye who recently broke up with his wife known as Natie K has finally come out to explain why the couple decided to call it quits. This follows several other marriage breakups he has had before.

Joel using his Facebook account explained exactly what happened in the latest saga. In a long post, Joel explains that serious men need serious Women that can work along with them.

He adds that if you are a thief and not well mannered, with no knowledge of running a home, he will replace you with no much talk, perhaps the reason why he has not fully settled in a long term relationship.

In his long post, he brings out the reasons for breaking with the latest wife as well as the quality of a woman deemed ‘wife material’ to him;

“Having met a few rascals in the matters of the heart, I formed one theoretical framework: in matters of the home, if you terribly misbehave (for example are violent, engage in physical abuse, theft, etc) or fail to manage the home and play to the public gallery, a replacement is made without much talking. Those who shout most in public tend to be the most problematic inside the home’’. He noted.

Isabirye goes on and on to explain how he became a Radio star and ended up famous due to his hard work and not just talk.

Isabirye with his latest wife during the traditional marriage.

“I became a public figure at a tender age and for the right reasons: making radio stations work. Others become public figures by who they date, or noise they make on social media or how peculiarly they dress. I am different’’

He goes ahead to remind the whole world how serious men need serious women to build a future with;

“..Serious men want serious partners who they can work with to conquer space. not partners who they can work with to attend boat cruises in rickety boats and narrowly survive death for which they (the men) can be blamed..”

“Men should strive to marry women, not girls however young they might seem. if marriage finds you young (you should strive to transform from being practically teenagers into a man or woman in marriage because it is a very serious affair, however fun like it should also be).people should be prepared to become mature at home. Life is not just a joke although we should find time to laugh. With my mother’s blessings [who knows the inside picture of what happens] as usual, i look forward to the future”. He concluded his post.

Isabirye who is popularly known as a city Casanova and is ever at the center of conflict for failing to play his cards perfectly as far as his love life is concerned. His failed marriages have also always been in the lime light because he seems to enjoy the attention.

Isabirye also had church wedding besides the numerous traditional marriages.

Before he fell out with his latest wife, Joel has also been involved in a formal relationship with different other women who include; Lilian Mukasa, Grace Naisamula (Joel Isabirye first matrimonial wife whose marriage was allegedly wrecked up by singer and radio personality, Rebecca Jingo), Rebecca Jingo (a radio personality with Beat FM),Latifah Senyondwa (Sanyuka TV Big Deal show host), Liane Nakaweesi (an upcoming musician) and Rita Kaggwa 9self made blogger) among others.


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