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I’m Not A Criminal And I’ve Never Been One – Jack Pemba 

An arrest warrant was issued a few weeks ago for businessman and socialite Jack Pemba over allegations of releasing a sex tape on social media that he distanced himself from.

He clearly stated that he was not the person in the video that made rounds on social media but many sections of Ugandans still insisted that he was the one in the clips. Even the authorities stuck to their ground that he should come in for questioning.

It is because of this that, the Pemba Sports Academy CEO sent an audio clarifying about his innocence.

“I have never been on the run and I will never be. I went to Oman, Dubai and Tanzania and will also be travelling to London soon for businesses which I also want to extend to Uganda,” he said.

Jack Pemba was according to reports with another socialite known as Suleman in the sextape.

The socialite also added that he doesn’t have any problem with anyone but he has received stupid accusation that he doesn’t know about and how people have also been threatening him.

He says despite all that, he is returning soon because he loves Uganda and East Africa as a whole. “I’m on business and I will be in Uganda next month. I love Uganda and I have some Ugandan blood because my grandfather was Ugandan and buried in Luwereo.” He added.

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Another socialite Judith Heard is also reportedly wanted by authorities after her nude photos were also leaked on social media recently. Heard who is a model just like Pemba is also out of the country. We are following on new developments and will keep you posted.


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