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‘In Memory Of My Late Brother’ – Salvado On Why He Named New Baby ‘Alexander’

There was joy for comedian Patrick Salvado Idringi on Wednesday July 1st when wife Daphine Frankstock gave birth to their third born. Baby Alexander was received and announced to world and proud father Salvado on twitter.

“My son Alexander Idringi Dawa, you have been born on the 1st of July, what a perfect timing young man, you will enjoy my salary properly,” the comedian tweeted. “Welcome to the world and God bless your mother,” he added.

Yesterday, the comedian who now works on Sanyu FM as host of the Breakfast show took to social media once again to explain to his fans and friends why he gave his new bundle of joy the three names.

First and foremost, he named his son ‘Alexandar’ in memory of his late brother Adiga Alex Remo as a tribute to someone he dearly loved  and “would have loved to have another Alex in the family”. Alex was slain in 2001 when he was still a young man aged 19 years then, just starting life. He was killed while in his first year at Makerere University near Mary Stuart Hall by unknown assailants.

“Alexander – Named after your amazing Late Uncle, it’s unfortunate he’s not here to share the joy of having another Alex in the family but I’m sure he’s proud wherever he is RIP ALEX ADIGA REMO” 

Salvado and wife Daphine have added a new member to the family.

The familiar name we are all used is ‘Idringi’ which he has also bestowed upon his son and so as to continue with his legacy.

“Idringi – You My son will have my name to continue the legacy, I’ll do whatever it takes to leave a legacy that I have no doubt you’ll carry on for the future Idringi generation.” 

And finally, he gave his son the name the name ‘Dawa’ which may also be familiar to some people. The name belongs to Salvado’s father and he decided to give this name to his son as well because the man taught him that nothing comes easy in this world other than through hard work;

“Dawa – I have given you your grandfather’s name because he’s the man that has taught me nothing comes easy, work hard and don’t ever think handouts will ever get you anywhere and as you do that be honest with especially yourself”. He concluded

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