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Nsimbi Set To Out Infinity EP On 19th November 2021

Infinity EP is the newest release from Ugandan- American cross-cultural duo, Nsimbi, who are on a mission to create positive, uplifting art. Infinity is a celebration of Ugandan / East African consciousness.

The sounds are recorded, mixed & mastered in East Africa, the birth place of humanity! Life is a journey of personal discovery & whenever the message inscribed in our spirits gets blurry, the universe sends messengers to guide us through our blindness back to the source and show us what is really important. We are all here as individuals, with our own journey to follow, but it’s through human connection, shared humanity, community, love that we find meaning- when we love each other, our love
transcends time, through generations, through friendships, through communities – we become infinite, as
love is infinite. According to Nsimbi, this is the spiritual philosophy that brought life to the 5 track Infinity EP.

NSIMBI is a Ugandan – American international award-winning duo formed by Ugandan hip-hop pioneer
GNL Zamba and American world fusion artist Miriam Tamar. Building on the acoustic sounds and indigenous instruments of Africa, NSIMBI blends contemporary elements of “Lugaflow” hip-hop and spoken word with English/Western songwriting and vocals to merge the traditional with the modern.

The first single “Mbaga” off Infinity was released on 14th September, meaning “wedding” or “celebration” in GNL Zamba’s native tongue Luganda.

The Infinity EP is launching 19th November 2021 with the following thematic tracks.

00. “Intro (Infinity)”- We are energy! We are not here by accident, we travel our life journey as we attempt to reach our highest self

01. “Rainfall”- The Element of water !!! Life is cyclical, rain brings opportunities for growth, replenishment , absolution, and marks new beginnings. The natural element of water allows us to plant new seeds spiritually and literally so we can reap in the harvest season. Water! We are guided by it’s flow!

02. “Essubi”- The Element of Fire! When we lose our fire we fall. In the depths of desperation, scarcity and depression many lose their joy and it is up to us to uplift them by connection, pouring
love into their cup, raising their vibration and restoring hope and relighting the fire in their life.

03. “Mbaga”- The Element of Earth! Grounded in love, our roots are so deep in this tradition and the bonds of our love transcend space and time.

04. “Timeless”- The Element or Air! We are free like the wind, free to occupy every space and spread love to other people, our existence through this journey is exponential, eternal, infinite, as we spread love to other people, which is passed through space and generations in action, memory, energy! Love is timeless. Love is pure energy. Love is infinite ♾

All Infinity EP tracks were recorded at African Bureau of Music and produced by Kuseim. Mixing and mastering were done by Theweezy. All songs were written and performed by Miriam & Ernest Nsimbi.


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