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Influential Rockstar Bob Dylan Turns 75

Fifty five years ago, Bob Dylan was just Robert Allen Zimmerman. He was an ordinary 19 year old who loved rock and roll. He would perform at small time venues, playing instruments, reciting poems and partly singing.

Little did he-or anyone for that matter-know that today, as he turns 75, he would be one of the greatest musicians ever.  Under his new name Bob Dylan, the multi-genre singer has accomplished over 50 years of recording, with many awards to his name.

bob dylan 2

Bob Dylan performs during prime

Born in 1941, Bob grew up in a humble family. For much of his childhood, he listened to blues, before adopting rock and roll as a teenager. He fell in love with the genre and soon, backed up by his amazing poetry, ventured into performing it. He became widely acclaimed for his songs that presented strife and suffering in their lyrics, and most of them became cult anthems among the civil rights movements.

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Bob Dylan at a recent

Today marks 75 years of what many would call a living legend. The few names likened to him are only read of, as many of them have died. To many, he is in the league of Prince, Elvis Presley and David Bowie.

Bob Dylan is a cult hero. He is celebrated in the genres of rock and roll, pop, folk and gospel. A happy birthday to a walking diamond jubilee.

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