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The Inspiring Love Story Of Nameless and Wahu

David Mathenge also known as Nameless and wife Wahu Kagwi are a famous couple from Kenya. Their unique love and romance story has lasted for more than a decade. Both are Artistes with top charting hits across East Africa. Chano8 got in touch with the celebrity couple to share their story in this year’s special lover’s issue of Chano8 Magazine.

Its a garden of roses for Nameless and Wahu

The love story of Nameless and Wahu is so amazing.

Qn: How did you meet? Was it love at first sight?

We met at a University function through a mutual friend. We clicked immediately, as if we’d been friends for a long time. He made me laugh without even trying! I definitely
wanted to meet him again and again, though I had to pretend to play hard-to-get

Qn: What are the top 5 most attractive attributes about your Husband

His dedication to his family, his sensitive nature, his easy going temperament (he doesn’t anger easily), his sense of leadership and his good looks!!!

Qn: Music is a huge part of your lives, could you say it brought you closer?

I would say in the sense that, we both enjoy writing and creating music. He contributes to my creative process, as do I to his. We are both interested and passionate about
each other’s career, and support each other in the same, so yes, it has brought us closer in that sense.

Qn: Did you ever have to deal with groupies and hang on’s when it comes to Nameless?

Lol! I’m too busy doing my own thing to do that (laughs) besides, being in the industry, I understand the “superstar fascination” and the thinking behind it. It’s really admiration based on what a fan perceives an artist to be. We’ve also learned where to draw boundaries, because we have to protect this beautiful thing that we have going.

Read more of the story in our latest issue here.

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