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Instagram Users Roast Defiant Fille Over Skimpy Dress Code

As singer Fille’s European tour nears its end, earlier this week she got what we may call the worst social media roasting over skimpy dress code. Just like we all know Fille, she is not the kind of girl who goes too skimpy but as we stalked her on Instagram, we came across a disturbing photo of her but the reaction to it was one that caught our attention.

Filled shared a photo of her clad in a black swimsuit and captioned it “Soryy I was going swimming”. However, looking at the photo properly, Fille looks like she was either going for a performance or just finished one buy the fact that she is wearing a pair of black high healed boots which aren’t ideal for swimming

Instagram users took it far ahead by reacting to the photo as majority were shocked how Fille could boldly parade her bare thighs in the swimsuit, something they have never seen her do.

The funny bit about about the fans’ reaction to the photo is that Fille fires back at those dissing her. One Instagram user identified as Nankunda Shadia commented on the photo saying. “U have been a good girl don’t spoil it by starting wearing like that thanks baby just keep it the way it was”

Fille’s reply was “So wearing that makes me a bad girl?” Before she replied to another person who commented and said “fille fille fille how many times have I called u ?? That’s not the way to go. The fille I knew was the descent one but don’t disappoint us mbu swimming do u swim in those”. ” which way am I going?” File replied.

Fille was not easy at those who were dissing her dresscode and here are some screen shots we gathered.

This is the photo that got Filled bashed on Instagram


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