Insurance Company aYo Donates Relief Items To Victims Of Recent Kamwokya Fire

Insurance Company aYo Donates Relief Items To Victims Of Recent Kamwokya Fire

On Thursday the 22nd of July at around 7PM, fire which is believed to have been caused by electric sparks from one high power voltage line gutted several houses in Kyamuka, located in Kamwokya a Kampala city suburb.

It burnt to ashes residents’ property worth millions of shillings as they helplessly watched because they had no ways to put out the large flames of fire.

Several good Samaritans, companies and organizations  have from the time this incident happened  been  donating relief items to the affected people and aYo, a revolutionary micro-insurance provider  is among the companies which gave donations to these people who are currently in much need of help.

In cases of catastrophes,  insurance companies ought to be the first on the scene, but from the look of things, no insurabce company has bothered given that the residents of this area are deemed not to be the insuring public but aYo came out to help

The company donated items like  jerry cans, cups, plates, mosquito nets, blankets , mattresses,  mats, timber , nails ,  iron sheets among other others and the receivers were really thankful.

“We stand with the people of Kyamuka zone in Kamwokya who were affected by this fire especially now during this difficult time of the covid19 pandemic. At aYo we know that every life matters and that is why we offer digital micro insurance solutions to help reduce financial challenges brought about by unfortunate unforeseen circumstances such as loss of life or incapacitation due to accidents” Allan Lwanga  the Managing Director aYo said at the scene

Allan added that although none of their clients was affected by this fire, they took upon them to offer these items through their CSR strategy to help these affected people.

“Helping our clients process claims is part of our service delivery strategy and that is why we send out our teams to such accidents scenes to identify if we have any of our clients affected. Today fortunately we have not found any of our clients affected but we have since decided to go ahead and offer a small token through our CSR strategy to settle Mrs xyz …. who’s life has been set back by this inferno.”


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