Interview: Awilo Longomba Gives His Views On Music Ahead Of Concert

Awilo Longomba is slated to perform this evening at Kampala Serena Hotel at the ‘Awilo Live In Kampala’ concert. This is going to be his first performance in Uganda in over twenty years. Chano8 caught up with him for an exclusive interview and here is what he had to say.

Chano8: You last performed in Uganda twenty years ago. How does it feel coming back?

I am so happy to come back to Uganda. I am filled with so much happiness. I was waiting for this moment again to meet and see my Ugandan fans that I love a lot.

Chano8: You made a name with your energetic dance moves. At 57, should fans expect those dance moves tonight?

I am the same energetic Awilo that you know and love. I am inviting you all to come and see this wonderful performance with my live band and the same energetic dancers.

Chano8: We saw you endorsing Eddy Kenzo’s concert in January. What do you think of him?

I was very happy to see Eddy Kenzo when he came around in Europe. He is a young and talented artiste. Africa and I are extremely proud of him.

Chano8: Being a big African musician, what do you think of African music lately?

Africa music is the best, from the beginning to now. It will remain extraordinary forever.

Chano8: Tell us about Sony Record’s request of a funk version of your “Coupe Bibamba” with James D-Train?

For me it was a good and an amazing experience. I enjoyed it very much.

Chano8: What is your general take on Ugandan music through the years?

I am so proud of Ugandan music and I appreciate the progress over the years. There are some new musicians doing great and old ones as well.

Chano8: For the times you have come to Uganda, what do you always look forward to?

I am looking forward to seeing all Ugandan people and all my fans coming to support my music and I. That is what matters to me. Seeing people happy.

Chano8: Who is your greatest African musician ever and why that particular one?

I can’t choose. I love all African musicians because they are doing a fantastic job of keeping African music amazing.

Chano8: What does it take for an artiste to be considered a legend?

Always work hard and never stop working hard. Always involve your fans because they support and love you. Never forget where you came from. Always have faith and hope – never give up.

Chano8: What should Ugandans expect from you this evening?

Nothing but the best. I am going to give every single show 100%. I am going to give the Ugandan people what they truly deserve – amazing shows.

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