Interview: Budding Model And TV Presenter Shibella Bushihalle Shares Her Story

Budding model Shibella Bushihalle is a lovely, young and talented girl new on the social scene. With her stunning beauty, she contested for the recently concluded Miss Uganda pageant. Chano8 exclusively talked to her in an interview where she narrated her journey as young model and how she ended up as  ‘Youth Voice’ show presenter on NBS TV

Who is Shibella Bushihalle?

Shibella Bushihale is a 20 year old hardworking girl. I am a model, media personality and an actress.

At 20 you are supposed to be in school, don’t you think you too young to join the entertainment industry?

 Currently, I am a student at Makerere University Business School (MUBS), where I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.

 When did you join the modeling profession?

 I have loved modeling ever since I was a child and often did it both at school and home during the holidays. However, I started professional modeling in 2017 after contesting for Miss Uganda

 Have you achieved anything out of modeling so far?

Oh yes of course I have. For instance, during the Miss Uganda pageant, I was crowned Miss Photogenic Miss Uganda 2017-2018, because of my gorgeous looks. I have also gotten exposed to so many people and got connections for many big players in the entertainment industry.

 Is there anything else you do apart from modeling?

 I decided to diversify from modeling and join the Ugandan film industry. So I  took on acting since it is one of my other talents and soon I was cast as a lead role at a production that was produced by Teez Studios and Directed by Kizito Samuel Saviour in 2017. Apart from that I am also into TV work and did a stint with ATV in November 2017, where I worked for two months. These days I am working with NBS  TV where I-present the Youth Voice programme. So you see how big my profile has grown?

 What screen works have you featured in so far?

 I have featured in commercials like Africell, Shell Vivo among others.

What are some of your future plans?

Currently, I am focused on building my modeling and acting careers, without forgetting my TV work. I just look forward to achieving as many great things as I can.

 Any advice for upcoming models like you?

 They should strive to get educated and be empowered to earn money even if they are not modeling because the industry is still growing in Uganda.

Tell us the experience of contesting for Miss Uganda?

It was a memorable event, I didn’t know I would even make in the first stages. The girls are so intimidating with their beauty but well I managed to get important connections and I look forward to more and more under Miss Uganda.

Are you seeing someone, searching or being searched?

 I am single and concentrating on my studies and careers. I’m ready to be searched that is in the near future.

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