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Interview: “I Can Work With Don Zella.” Big Eye Speaks Out

Professor Big Eye is one of the fast rising local artistes who has been doing music for some years now. Many got to know about him after releasing his ‘Indicator’ tune in the year 2010. From then, the self proclaimed Star Boss has never stopped the fire from burning but released more songs that have seen him get a bigger fan base. Chano8 had a chat with him and this is what he is up to.

Big Eye

Big Eye Star Boss performing at one of the shows last year

Chano8: What is Big Eye working on this new year 2016?

Big eye is working on new projects. I have a lot coming through though some are already out because I started the year with a new video for ‘Self Contained’ and recently I shot another new video for ‘Agalina’ song featuring some new artiste called Mutima. Concerning products, I have a lot though they are not yet released officially and I have another project called ‘Foot Work’ coming soon.

Chano8: How come you refrained from committing to a political side in the just concluded election period in February?

Big Eye is not so much involved in politics because am working for everyone. So I just don’t want to separate my fans, I never got so much involved in politics for the good of my fan base.

Chano8:  But rumour had it that you were linked to Amama Mbabazi’s camp, what is your say on this?

I was doing business there because my job is to sing so they hired me to go and sing at his rallies and that’s what i had in the contract with Amama Mbabazi.

Chano8: What is your take on the Boycott Saga involving the ‘Tubonga Naawe’ artistes.?

Honestly, me I don’t want to say much about it, I don’t support that kind of way (of doing things). I cannot support the boycott because we are all Ugandans and everyone has a choice and a right. So I cannot judge any one as far as that is concerned because everyone had his own reason why he had to do that. (Long pause) I just don’t want to talk about this.

Chano8: Sheila Don Zella has been making lots of negative comments on you in the media, what exactly  happened or what is happening.?

What I can say is that we separated. That is all I can say. She lives her own life and I live my own life so whatever she speaks about me, I don’t know and I haven’t heard of anything. Its a serious separation and I must say this to clear the air because a lot has been said all around but we separated. Unless if she wants me to help her in anything, I wouldn’t have any problem with her, she is a human being.

Chano8: What are Big Eye’s future plans?

I have a couple of songs, apart from ‘Self contained’ and ‘Agalina’ which are already out, I am having ‘Foot Work’ coming out soon, I have ‘Until You Love Me’ video also coming your way and some more many projects, I can’t speak out all, but I have many tracks in studio and many in stock and am very ready this year.

Chano8: Any concerts this year.

Yes of course thank you for asking. I have a concert coming in December. Am still in talks with the sponsors and  finalising some things then after, I will announce officially but most likely,  December or before that.

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