Interview: “I Am Still Single”-Singer And Actress Hellen Lukoma Reveals

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Popular singer cum actress and model Hellen Lukoma who has been part of Uganda’s fashion and entertainment industries for several years for the first time spoke out about her love life. Lukoma, talked to Chan08 and revealed to her fans a lot of stuff they didn’t know about her private life and music career. 

 Chano8: Can you tell us about yourself?

I am a musician, actress, fashion lover and a very ambitious person.

Chano8: What kind of music do you do?

Right now I’m doing a variety of music;  pop, RnB, Dancehall all types of music. Because I love music and I want to explore all genres of music until I reach to what really interests me.

Chano8: When did you start singing?

 I actually started singing when I was very young. Way back we used to sing at church. Later when I grew up, I joined a dance group, then worked with HB Toxic before going solo. That was when I started singing as Lukoma.

Chano8: Take us the songs you released since then

 Oh yes, I have recorded a variety of songs. Actually I have a lot in stock from many producers but I have ‘Allergy’ out, ‘Pono’, ‘Umbrella’, ‘Bad Gal,’ ‘Njagala Gwe’ etecetera. I have a variety of songs and they are on my Youtube account, on TV, radio and everywhere else.

 Chano8: Are you married or single but dating?

 Hmmmm….I am single.Hmmmm….. I’m single.

 Chano8: We heard that you recently got engaged, is it true?

 I’m single.

  Chano8: Can you tell us about your love life?

 Well, about my love life, that I would like to keep private.

 Chano8: How do you juggle music with family?

 About how I balance family with music, by family I mean my parents; we always talk on phone. We are always together. They  are very supportive.

Chano8: What are some of the challenges  you face as a musician?

The music industry is growing and the fashion industry is also growing as well. But the challenge is that we don’t earn a lot from our music especially with these laws they put and the companies that try to sell our music. We don’t  earn a lot. Sometimes it is hard to get airplay but we try to overcome all the challenges.

Chano8: Do you have any collabos?

Yes, I have many collabos. I have one with Beenie Gunter called ‘Bounce Along’, I have a collabo with  Ratigan one with Fik Fameica called ‘Yes Nyabo Sebo’. I have a number of collabos.

Chano8: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Well, in the next five years I want to be able to represent my country in Uganda and across Uganda. I cannot wait for my acting career  to be seen by the world so as to be recognized . I want my music, clips, videos and acting works to go viral across the world.

 Chano8: Any advice to upcoming artistes?

My advice to those who want to be in music is first of all you need to acquire your education. Study and listen to your parents. Read books and ensure that you have something to fall back on that is yours. Make yourselves useful people in the world. Work hard. Nothing is free, respect yourself and be responsible.

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