Interview: “I Can Reclaim My Position Any Time”-Singer Phina Masanyalaze Speaks Out

Singer Phina Mugerwa Masanyalaze commonly known as ‘Ugandan Shakira’ has had a quiet music career for the past years. A few days back, we caught with her for a question and answer interview where she revealed to us what she has been up to and what is next.

Chano8: You look tired and sickly, is anything wrong?

No. I just feel weak and was actually dizzy before the interview.

Chano8: You have been quiet, where have you been?

Yes I know I have been quiet but in everyone’s life at one moment, you need to lay back and reflect on life. I decided to put aside social life and first concentrated on my private family life. I have children. I also recently gave birth. So all that I needed was to first create time.

Chano8: So you quit singing?

Music to me is passion and my talent. I can break off for as many years as I can but when I decide to come back, I can reclaim my top spot. I know I can because I am still good at what I do and I have always done my best.

Chano8: So when are you planning to get back and record songs?

I have already recorded songs. After giving birth,  I feel fresh and in good shape. I have been in the studio of recent realized a few songs. You should check my Youtube channel and listen to my latest song. It is dope.

Chano8: It was reported recently in the media that you have started a tailoring business. Share more?

It was a lie. I don’t own any tailoring business. I only do marketing for a tailoring firm. I am just a salesperson. We deal in supplying School Uniforms to big named schools. I actually act as the company face.

Chano8: Do you still think you can come back and compete with the fast-growing music industry?

Why not? I am the only one Shakira in Uganda. I can reclaim my position at any time of the year. There is no one in this Music industry who can do my style of dancing. Absolutely no one. Yes, the industry has grown but some of us are incomparable.

Chano8: You appeared in the news that you had snatched a married Member of Parliament and got you pregnant. Shed more light to this.

Uh. I am going to say this for the real last time. I don’t know my man as a married man so please let’s not drag him in this.  I didn’t approach him. He approached me. I am the kind of person who minds my best. I don’t dwell on other people’s past or life. What I know, as long as he comes home in the evening, sleeps home and goes back to work in the morning, the rest I don’t care.

Chano8: For the time you have spent in the music, do you have anything to show in your names from your hustle?

I am not like these artistes who have spent many years singing and have nothing to show. I have cars. I can wake up and decide to use Boda Bodas because of Jam. I can choose to use a small car and park the Prado. So I am good.

Chano8: Lastly, how did the fight between you and Cindy over Ken Muyisa end? Does Ken look after the baby you bore him?

Why are you asking me about Cindy? She did what she did and I left her to win. I don’t want to talk about her. Ken has never seen the baby ever. Me and my husband solely take care of my Kid.


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