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INTERVIEW: “I Turned Into A Pastor”-Former Socialite Herbert Shonga

Herbert Shonga is known as a socialite and a businessman. He was cast in the limelight in 2106 after his ‘extravagant’ wedding. His time of fame in Kampala was characterized of sex scandals and loss of businesses. Close to two years after his lavish wedding, he broke up with his wife Dorothy Shonga and ran away with his  side dish known as Sheilat Mulungi. Chano8 caught up with him for a question and answer interview

Chano8: It has been quite a while off social scene, where have you been?

Yes it has been long. I have been in Zimbabwe working hard during the presidential elections. But now I am back fully and I want to concentrate here in Uganda.

Chano8: The last time you were in news it was about you and your wife Dorothy. Tell us more..

I know and that is pretty true.  Me and Dorothy had broken up. We had issues like any other marriage. We washed our dirty linen in the public but well, I can call that past. We are strong like never before.

Chano8: What exactly had happened?

Like I said, I am not the kind who will sit and start explaining to you all. But we had issues which we later sat and I resolved. I needed my wife and family back.

Chano8: Who influenced the reconciliation?

No one mediated. I sat and weighed all the options and found that no matter what, my family and wife will always come first.

Chano8: Did you miss your wife and children during the trying times?

I will only say that she is my wife and my children had taken long without seeing me.

Chano8: Where does all this leave your girlfriend Sheilat?

The issues now are between three people. Me, Dorothy and Sheilat and I would love to keep it that.

Chano8: Do you still talk to Sheilat?

Nop, we don’t talk.

Chano8: Your Space Lounge Bar closed, what is the way forward?

It closed because I was stuck in debts. I had so much going on that time and decided to give all a break. Right now I have so many plans because I feel I am on top of Kampala.

Chano8: Now that you’re a changed man. How do you plan to live happily married?

I am totally changed. I am have just turned into a pastor and I am spreading the word of God.

Chano8: Pastor? Are you planning on building a church?

Yes. I am looking a for a big plot of land in Kampala where I will build my church. And I am sure I will get it.

Chano8: Should we expect no more break-ups again?

What do you mean. We learn from our past mistakes. I am totally changed and ready to raise up my family and remain faithful to my wife.

Chano8: Where is Dorothy currently?

She is still in South Africa because she is not feeling well.

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