Interview: Meet Budding Dancehall Singer Diana Shabs

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Diana Shabs is an upcoming Dancehall singer who released a song ‘Want It’ which has introduced her in the music industry. Like any other artiste, she had dreams and one of them is holding mega concerts in five years time. Chano8 talked to her and here is what she had to say

 Chano8: Our readers would like to know who you are.

My real name is Diana Navuga, although I use  Diana Shabs as my stage name. I am a Ugandan aged 28 years and a new musician on the block.

Chano8: When  did you join the music industry?

For starters, I started doing music long before I joined the music industry. I have been singing since my childhood days but I started doing professional music this year with my new single titled ‘Want It’.

 Chano8: Do you mind telling us what music genre you do?

When it comes to the genres, I am a versatile artiste, ranging from Afro Beat to Dancehall.  But my single is Afro Ragga.

 Chano8: Who inspired you to do music?

Unlike many upcoming singers who are inspired by celebrated musicians, for me it my mother who inspires me, because she she’s a musical person. Even at her old age she still sings in church. You see music runs in our blood.Okay, is there anything else you do apart from music?

Yeah, I do make up besides music and it helps me make ends meet because I earn enough money to keep me going.

 Chano8: Are you in any relationship?

To tell you the truth, I am  not hooked to any man, meaning that I am single and searching. But I want a God-fearing man who has money.

 Chano8: Any plans for the next five years?

In the next five years I will be recording albums and also holding mega music concerts.

 Chano8: Who writes and produces your music?

I don’t have a specific producer but my latest song was produced by Ian Pro and written by Trix song boss.



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