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Interview: Meet South Africa’s Trio Micasa

When the organisers of Blankets and Wine announced that they were going to fly in South Africa’s music trio Micasa, it brought mixed reactions among the fans because many did not know or had little info about the band. 

However, It turned out that J’Something, Mo-T and DR. Duda (Micasa) graced the quarterly event at Uganda Museum and truly threw the crowd into a frenzy performing their songs like ‘Body’ which got the fans especially the ladies grooving and wiggling to the beats.

Chano8 caught up with them for an exclusive  chat where they shared alot about their life and career.


Micasa taking on Chano8’s questions

Chano8: Micasa, Why did you call your selves Micasa?

Micasa means my house and we like mainly house music and everything about us is about us is about people.

Chano8: When did you guys meet and how did it start?

We met five years ago and it was just basically a jam session we never knew each other so it was a simple jam as a group and after we went to studio did the first three tracks, they worked well and the rest is history man, we are here, five years later we are still together as a group so basically that is how we met although many people thought we knew each other from high school.

Chano8: When did you get to the scene, as in when was your break through?

We released a song dubbed ‘these streets’ and the next we knew is we were on stage winning the record of the year in South Africa so it literally has been a blessed story. We don’t have a dramatic story of like we struggled, but have had our struggles but we were blessed from day one.

Chano8: How do you describe your experience at Blankets and Wine?

It is such a cool experience. It is a mind blowing thing to see especially if you travel all the way to Uganda and you get to find out that wow everyone can just party like they are used to so it was such a good experience.


Micasa’s Mo-T (Left) and J’ Something performing at the recently concluded Blankets and Wine

Chano8: Being your first time in Uganda, how do you relate it to South Africa?

I think people party more here.

Chano8: Who are your role models or people you looked up too when you were starting?

We see us as our role models, we always compete with us and no one else so that motivates and keeps us going all the time.

Chano8: Have you guys done a world tour?

Yeah, last year we had one called Micasa Gone Global so we travelled to London, Holland, Canada and we were receiving support and our shows sold out.

Chano8: What is your most memorable stage performance?

It an impossible question to answer. Every stage is amazing and every city is incredible. Every place has a unique aspect because Blankets and Wine was memorable, we performed in Malawi and it was memorable, Kenya is always memorable. We are saying this because we are living our dream and when you are, you don’t know what is going on.

Chano8: Which renowned international artistes have you shared stage with?

Drake, John Legend, P Square, R Kelly and Lady Smith Black Mambazo. They are so many and we have gotten a privilege to perform with so many artistes around the world.

Chano8: Any collabos with any international artiste(s)?

Yeah, we just finished a track with Wiz Kid, Yemi Alade, C4 Pedro, we are working with your very own Eddy Kenzo so these are called International artistes. I don’t know why we have this thing of international and African. We are all international. Eddy Kenzo won BET and he is international, Wiz Kid is international

Chano8: Which other Ugandan artistes do you know apart from Eddy Kenzo.

One guy that we have been told about is Isaiah Katumwa the saxophonist and we are looking to link up with him and see if we can do some music together

Chano8: How did you guys land the deal of performing at president Obama’s inauguration ceremony?

We got a call from the USA and they wanted us to go perform. Our booking agent thought it was a joke so she dropped the phone. One of the guys from Barack Obama’s camp was in South Africa and he heard our music on radio and managed to watch us perform live and he decided that we needed to be African representatives

Chano8: Which song of yours would you rate as your best to date?

All our songs are nice and I think you get your favourite according to the people because people have made some songs bigger than others for example if you look at a song like ‘Jika’, it was a massive tune. It took us all around the world.

Chano8: Any international awards.

We have a simple goal, we don’t put ourselves on pressure like hey we have to win BET. Those things are like by-products of what we do. We have always had this long time vision of being nominated for Grammy and any musician who doesn’t have that dream is very short sighted

Chano8: Any five things you saw and liked in Uganda.

First of all we love Uganda, the culture here is very beautiful, the food and above all, women here are beautiful.


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