Nigerian Youngsters Figgy & Flame Speak Out On Doing Music In Uganda

Figgy and Flame are a new musical duo in town.The youngsters who are originally from Nigeria, have been living in Uganda for long and have now decided to start their music career from here.

They hope to make it big one day and have now released a single titled ‘Number One’s. They spoke to Chano8 about life, music and plans for the future. Below is how it went;

CHANO8: Tell us more about yourself and growing up as a kid.

Figgy: “ I am Victoria Joseph Unanam. The first of 4 kids. Born and bred in calabar, Cross River state although I belong to the Annang people of Akwaibom state. I studied and got a bachelor’s degree in industrial biochemistry in Crutech now known as Unicross (University of Cross River state) I have a Christian background and growing up, I loved to read and play video games.”

Flame: “I am Ayodele Aristotle Sangodeyi. First of 4 kids. Born and bred in Ilesa, Osun State. Studied Mass Communication and got a national diploma. I have a Christian background and Growing up I loved to swim and engaged myself once or twice as a dancer.”

CHANO8: Wow sounds interesting. so how did you get into music.whenndid you start singing as a career?

Flame: I started music in the year 2010 with my friend Mullah and brother Millz. We had a group CSMG (Cash Squad Money Gang). We were on it for about 2 years and due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to put our music on hold. Eventually I dove back in when I got to kampala.

Figgy: Well, I started music as an instrumentalist in 2015 and eventually joined my church choir as a soprano which I remained till June last year. Then partnered with Flame when he decided to start here in Kampala. The day I went to record “Happiness” will be the first time I will go by a studio

CHANO8: What inspired you to join the music industry?

Flame: Our love for entertainment.

CHANO8: When did you release your first song and how many do you have so far?

Flame: We released our first song January 19 2022 and so far we have Some songs like ‘Number 1’ and ‘Njagala’. Others like Happiness, Kampala and why. And a few others yet to be released. Our kind of music is Afropop. And we have collaborated with King Ace and that has been our only collaboration so far. Although we are open to more collaboration.

CHANO8: Are you signed to any record label or are under any management?

Figgy: Right now we don’t belong to any management or label and our producers are, The maker and Jayden of Sacred studios.

CHANO8: What are your plans for the future as concerns your music career?

Flame: Plans are underway for an album and more videos. We also have plans for concerts in the near future.

CHANO8: Why did you decide to kickstart your music career from her in Uganda instead of back home in Nigeria?

Figgy: we decided to do music from here because we found ourself here and we will surely be here for a while. We can make our music anywhere we find ourselves. Besides we love ugandan tunes and it is always fun to work with Ugandan producers as well.

Flame: we are students by day and musicians by night. It’s really hectic but worth it.

Flame: I am enrolled in a Hec program in KIU at the moment hopefully to put in for mass communication when I’m done with that

FIGGY: I am currently doing a pgd in Education administration and management. This gives me an edge in the field of science and if I ever decided to make a career out of my love for teaching, I also have an edge there as well.

Flame: Figgy and I are engaged to be married. We realised we could work on songs together and decided to expand on that.

CHANO8: Your last message to fans and Chano8 readers?

Flame: to copy a wise saying. “If you can think it you can do it.” There is no such word as impossible to a determined mind. We love each and everyone of you and we will continue to make you proud.

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