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Interview: Socialite Doreen Kabareebe Breaks Silence On Why She Returned

Socialite and model Doreen Kabareebe was named Model Icon at the Celebrity Model Awards a few years ago but some years back, it was rumored that socialite Doreen Kabareebe was at the center of Singer Jose Chameleone’s marriage

 A photo of her and the singer leaked on social media as the singer held Doreen’s waist who was clad in a very short dress revealing her bare bums.

She talked to Chano8  about her new project ‘Kabareebe Charity Model’ and also about her relationship with Security guru Dixon Bond Okello.

You have been away from the social scene for a long time. Where have you been?

I have been in the UAE in Sharjah for some time then relocated to Abudhabi trying to make a living.

Rumour spread around that you went to Dubai to work as a waitress. Tell us the truth.

Yes, I worked with a fast food restaurant before. The experience I got was marvelous

 Just out of the blue you appeared with  Kabareebe Models Charity, What is your new company all about?

Been involving myself in different charitable projects at a low scale since 2014. I together with my team decided not to share ideas here but am very sure you will see whatever will be going on. I am awaiting maximum support from everyone. The Company is all about Charity.

Being a daughter of a prominent person, do we see you taking the company to the next level?

Certainly, the Company will definitely be taken to another level. I believe in small beginnings. Every successful person starts small. You just have to be resilient, with a good attitude and personality. Dad is a very intelligent individual, we are always sharing ideas

Who scripted for you the idea of starting up the company?

I scripted it myself. As I said before, I was already doing charity with the little I had at a low key. Actually, I donated all my savings from my previous job to Charity. I believe money is not everything. We should use the little we have to assist those that do not have. I remember way back in boarding school, I always returned home without bedsheets because I do not like having when others do not have. That’s how I have always been.”Thank you, Dad, for having bought me bedsheets every new term”

You have been majestically welcomed back to our social scene. Does it mean you want to reclaim your top spot on the entertainment industry as a model?

I did not appear with intentions of taking back my hotspot but if the shoe fits, then let’s feel comfortable to wear it. Am doing this for God. We will raise the money together to help the others through different projects. The hand that gives always receives. 

Are you still friends with Chameleone? Remember the other controversial photo of you two that raised dust in the media.

Asking me of Chameleone. I am neither his mother nor father, not even his neighbor. So why would you ask me such a question?

You and security man Dixon Okello how do you connect? Are you always too close?

About the security guru Dixon, am a celebrity, I connect with various people and Dixon is one of them. We are both learned people sharing great ideas. We have known each other for many years. He is very special to me the fact that he has no “fitina” (jealous)

In the photo you appeared naked, did chameleone beg to pose with you?

I do not have any idea of how that became news. If you attended the occasion, you should have been able to notice that all the models were wearing the same dress so when he held my waist, the dress came up. Shit happens

Was it true that Chameleone’s wife tried to look for you after that photo of you with her husband leaked?

About the wife looking for me, the answer is no and I have never heard of it

Tell us more about your new projects coming up.

I will let u know when the project is fully ready

 Do you think Uganda has run out of socialities? The ones we have today seem to be faking it

It depends on your definition of the term socialite

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