Interview: Songwriter Black Skin Promises To Make It Big In Singing As Well

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  • songwriter Black Skin determined to make a mark on singing just the way he did with song writing

Mention the top songwriters in Uganda and the name Black Skin will appear at the top. He has managed to pen down songs for artistes such as Bebe Cool, Sheebah, Jose Chameleone, Pallaso and Fik Fameica among others but his major problem is that he has received less accreditation for them. Chan08 caught up with him to talk about music.

Chano8: Briefly describe Black Skin?

Black Skin is a singer, songwriter and performing artiste.

Chano8Where did the Black Skin name come from?

I came up with that name because I am proud to be black and that is the color of my skin.

Chano8: What is you real name?

Fredrick Senyonga.

Chano8: Tell us about your song writing journey?

I learnt from my late father Alex Mbazira who used to write plays and music for Buddu Cultural Players. It was however when I met Jeff Kiwa through Diamond Oscar that I found my breakthrough song. Jeff asked me to write a song for him and I sat and wrote “Tukikolemu” which he gave the late AK 47. It became a hit song and that started my songwriting career. From then I have penned down a number of hits.

Chano8: What are some of those hits that you have written?

I have written songs like ‘Tukikolemu’ and ‘Baluwa’ from the late AK 47, ‘Sitani Tonkema’ by Rodney Y, Sheebah and Fik Fameica, Sheebah’s ‘Tunywe’, ‘Akusse’, ‘Ndi Wanjawulo’ and ‘Muwe’, ‘Embuzzi Zakutudde’ and ‘Ampalana’ by Gravity Omutujju,  ‘Twelageko’ by Irene Ntale, Spice Diana’s ’32’, ‘Ex’ and ‘Bagikona’, Tokyayitaba’ by Weasel, ‘Twegalile’ by Navio, Bebe Cool’s ‘Katono’ and ‘Up and Whine’, and ‘Tatizo’ by Chameleone among others.

Chano8: Those are so many hits. So many in that you wouldn’t be complaining about getting credit because we believe those artistes paid you. Right?

Crediting a person in the field of art is a moral obligation, Ugandans should start embracing that culture. Look at a movie where even an extra person who just took tea in a restaurant is credited at the end. It isn’t a sign of weakness for someone to write for an artist. If you don’t want to credit me then let us use discretion and you pay me a comfortable fee.

Chano8: You mean you get paid peanuts?

That is not the point. Pay me little but give me credit as well.

Chano8:We recently saw you premiering a new jam ‘Munsasule’. Tell us more about it?

The song features A Pass and was inspired by true story. It was partly inspired by the pain I go through when someone badly wants lyrics and after receiving them, they disappear even without crediting me, so I want fans to relate to it. The song and video have however connected very well with everyday people and this has provoked me to go full swing into singing.

Chano8: Why don’t you concentrate on either singing or song writing?

I don’t want to limit my options. I am well equipped in both and I can handle both of them at the same time.

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