Interview: Swedish-Based Ugandan Singer Rashy K Talks Music, Progress And Plans After Covid19

If you are a follower of Ugandan artistes based abroad then the name Rashy K, a Swedish-based Ugandan Singer is one you ought to have heard.

Born Rashid Kibirige Ssebunya, Rashy has been in the music industry since 2009, released a couple of songs which have made him known to his fans home and abroad and he has kept the fire burning.

He has spent almost half of his entire life in Sweden where he established his very own record label ‘Rash Gang Affiliates’ that has some artistes signed to it like rapper Moses Muwanga.

Chano8 had a question and answer interview with Rashy where he talked about the state and progress of his music career and which plans he has got to push his career to greater heights this year and years to come.

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Chano8: The last time you were in Uganda (March 2018), you gave your fans an exclusive ‘Good Vibes Experience’ show, what do you have for them this year round after the COVID-19 crisis?

This year is very challenging for musicians as everybody knows. Concerts are being canceled all the time, I have had two shows canceled in Germany and I can’t travel since airports are closed and all that. It is really hard now so I unfortunately I can’t say what I will do for my fans but definitely a lot of music, good music.

Chano8: Which challenges are you still facing in the industry and how do you overcome them?

I face a lot of things, hate and jealousy. It is really crazy experiencing it from people you know and don’t know. Someone close to you will always try extort you but I overcome it all through being real to myself, meditation but also do more than I talk. I have some real life moments where people genuinely show me so much love and that really does it for me.

Chano8: You recently dropped a video to your new song ‘I’m Blessed’. Tell us about it. What inspired it?

Much love to my brother SK Simeon. He actually contacted and appreciated some of my work and had some encouraging words. As our friendship grew, we used to talk and send each other music. He sent me this beat, he told me to record something if I wanted because it was for a compilation album with  German producer King Toppa.The rest is history.

I was feeling blessed in my life at the moment. I still do, so I decided to share it with the world and encourage people to be grateful because we are all blessed and some time you need to appreciate the small things. The video is out and the song is doing well.

Chano8: It’s over 10 years since you started doing music, are you planning to hold a 10 years celebration concert.

I can’t believe it’s 10 years already! Well, not really. I don’t feel like I have made my statement and impact yet. I rather do 15 or 20 years celebration with major and bigger impact made. I can’t wait for it!

Chano8: Having done music for more than 10 years, where do you see yourself now?

I see myself as a role model, CEO, Businessman and other other things. I have done and learnt so much. I have kept standard in everything I do. You have never heard nor seen me in a fight, women and money scandals and I am happy and grateful for all I am. Better things are coming.I am blessed.

Chano8: In your recent interviews with Chano8, you have been clear that you are a rapper but we see you trying other genres like Dancehall, what is your say on that?

Oh! That is easy. The biggest artiste in the world is Drake. He raps and sings. He has the biggest RnB songs, the biggest Dancehall records as well as Rap.  It is so old fashioned boxing musicians in one genre unless you do “Kadongo Kamu”. Be great and be an artiste. Navio’s biggest song of his career was “Njogereza”, never limit your self

Chano8: Tell us about the progress of your record label ‘Rush Gang Affiliates’, do you have any artistes signed to it? 

Rush Gang Affiliates is not only a record label. It’s an enterprise like an operation.  I do have artistes under it, my young brother for instance, Moses Muwanga is a 20 year old  Swedish Rapper doing very well for us. It is quality over quantity for us. I have a lot of people asking to be on the label but we need to make money and not spend our money. We have an all print shop in works now opening this year in Uganda . We shall be printing clothes, Cds, Flyers, name it! I will give you more details in the near future.

 Chano8: In 2015, you started the ‘Uganda-Sweden Project’, what happened? Where is the work?

It’s a sequel, I am definitely doing an EP in the future, Like a part 2. It was the beginning of everything. I was introducing my Swedish fans to Ugandan music and vice versa.  I made my point heard that is why I have just been doing music and building my fan Base

Chano8: Are there any other albums you have released after the ‘Sweden Uganda Connect’ in 2016?

I released ‘Good Vibes’ a 6 track EP,  I featured on ‘Stocktown Riddim’ album. I featured on “Glider In” a all Swedish production, I have written for other artistes and of course countless singles. So I have released countless projects .

Chano8: We have seen you do collabos with artistes like Young Mulo. Which other artistes (local or international) have you recently worked with?

I am doing collabos with a lot of artistes this year, I am doing collabos with Swedish and  Ugandan artists. I have something new with Young Mulo this time around too, Silly Selection from Sweden, Jay Silver and many more to be revealed.

Chano8: Which artistes would you love to work with on a project?

Spice Diana, Lydia Jazmine, Daddy Andre, Bebe Cool but also everybody else with good music and wants to create magic too.

Chano8: What do you lack for you to be one of the biggest Ugandan artistes?

Staying and living in Uganda. It is one of my big dreams to move there because I would feed my fan base endless music as well as study what else is going on down there in order for me to be different.

Chano8: Tell us about the projects you are working on this year.

I am releasing a New EP. It is going to be packed with so many vibes and good music. I promise my fans that!

Chano8: Does Rashy K have a wife and family? If yes, where and who are they?

I have no wife and have no kids. I will one day! It is complicated finding someone in my lane of work really. We don’t have good reputations but I am a great guy. Any of my partners before would tell you that but I also know what I want in a relationship. I have been through situations where people were with me for wrong reasons but that is life and as much as I am a public figure, I hate putting my relationships out in the public. It’s dangerous for me putting my love affairs out there because when things go bad, everybody gets to judge you and take sides which often makes things worse.

Chano8: What is your message to the youth especially in this political season?

You know I am big in motivational speaking so I guess it is something like “Dear young people, Don’t compete with anyone anymore, just Inspire them. Be different when everybody is the same because it is good for your identity. Don’t skip steps, do the work  to learn the process and you will always prosper and last. Don’t be scared of growth, sometimes you have to do it alone and leave people out. Stay blessed.


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