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Intimate Photos: Bad Black In Another Public Display Of Affection With Younger Boyfriend

Socialite Bad Black real name Shanitah Namuyimba came, took over and she is here to stay no matter who doesn’t like her.

Whether she does certain things all in the name of publicity, no one knows but one thing we and the public know about Black is that she will say/do what she wants, how she wants, when she wants and this has be just been her style through the years.

Not so long ago, after a bitter split with another younger lover called Sky West, she paraded another younger dude known as Asha as her newly found love on social media for the whole world to see and appreciate.

The socialite who is a proud ‘sex worker’ has from the time she began dating Asha. been sharing intimate photos and videos of themselves on her socials (mainly Snapchat)

She on Wednesday through her Snapchat account shared a fresh set of photos of them from a recent photoshoot and they have since then gotten tongues wagging. Meanwhile, this comes days following their short lived breakup although she claims they are now good again.

Clad in the same outfits (checked shirts and black pants), the photos show a happy couple of Black and Asha. Some show the pair holding each other romantically and kissing at the same time, looking like they are both enjoying the moment. They missed each other no wonder

Take a look at the photos





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